Fall 2014 - One Day in the Prairie

  • An early Fall day in the Prairie, perfect for our Pin Tuck shirts, Poet Tunics and dainty Peasant details....Soft shirring and multi pleats bring back the elaborate sewing of yesteryear. We have layered our soft tunics and dresses over long skirts with embroideries and gusset details, cozy and warm. Snuggle in our comfortable layers and join us for a day in the prairie!

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  • 7490
    Pin Tuck Tunic
  • Yeenoo
    Hemp and Leather Hill Tribe Bag with Embroidery
  • 7621
    Square Neck Top with Lace
  • 7715
    Pocket Dress
  • Yulov
    Cross body Hill Tribe Bag with Leather Sytap and Trim
  • 7492
    Pucker Trim Asymmetric Tunic
  • 8605
    Embroidered Flower Skirt
  • 8710
    Seamed A-Line Turtleneck