Indigo - Wood Block Printed and Batik Tie Dyed

  • Be charmed by our new collection of Indigo hand blocked printed shirts and scarves and by our new dresses and skirts, tie dyed in unique batik techniques not to be seen anywhere else.¬†Get swept away to far away lands with the unexpected artisanal traditions of printing we have used.

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  • 4292
    Fish Dance Dress in Sea Blue Tie Dye Print
  • 4290
    Cap Sleeve Top in Indigo Fern Leaf Tie dye Print
  • 4525
    Side Pocket Pants in Sand Color
  • 4450
    Lace Band Vest

  • Indigo Print Scarf
  • 4291
    Dots Dress in Indigo Tie Dye Print
  • 5260
    Hand Stitched Indigo Vine Print Shirt
  • Yalexie
    Indigo Bag with Hill Tribe Embroidery and Leather
  • 5222
    Sayonara Dress in Turquoise
  • Helena
    Hand Crafted Artisan Leather Sandals with Ankle Beads
  • 5403
    Cascade Dress in Sage Color
  • 4526
    Double Layer Ruffle Dress in Blue Iris
  • Giselle
    Hand Crafted Artisan Leather Sandals
  • 5190
    Hand Embroidered Shell Top in Slate Color
  • 5191
    Three Quarter Sleeve Top with Hand Embroidered Yoke in Lily Color
  • 4525
    Side Pocket Pants
  • 5990
    Hand Stitched Shirt in Yellow Exotic Print
  • 4525
    Side Pocket Pants in Sand Color
  • 5993
    Ruffle Skirt in Brown Exotic Print
  • Havana
    Contrast Band Hand Crafted Artisan Leather Sandals in Coffee and Saddle
  • 5992
    Shift Dress in Green Exotic Print
  • 4522
    Cascade Tunic in Apricot Color
  • 4451
    Ruffled Long Skirt
  • 5220
    Pin Tucked Shell Top in Orange
  • 4524
    Pieced Skirt in Ovaltine Color
  • One-Of-A-Kind E
    Exquisite Bag Made out of Recycled Vintage Motorcycle Jacket and Hill Tribe Embroidery